Campaign 2016 – More than charitable – Building a better community…together!

Helping those less fortunate is no longer a simple matter of charitable kindness or good will. In the 21st century it has become a strategic economic driver and a mark of a more prosperous and vibrant community. The rapid and dramatic nature of change and the local economic impacts of situations which began, often in other nations or on other continents, has created many and complex problems for communities. In these times a coordinated and multi factorial approach to community problem solving is more important than ever before. With our many agency and program partners and a broad group of volunteers the United Way is well positioned to play a critical role in building a better community for all. Contributions to the United Way of Durham Region will build a better, stronger and more resilient community by:

1) Helping to move people out of poverty and into more sustainable and healthy situations, and ensuring that basic needs are met.

2) Building a stronger healthier community by ensuring accessibility to services, supports and opportunities for everyone to integrate into and participate in our community.

3) Helping kids be all they can be by supporting access to programs and opportunities that promote all stages of development from early learning to transitioning into adulthood.

For 76 years the community has come together and put their efforts behind a single campaign which supports a broad range of charitable needs in our community. We are grateful to the many thousands of volunteers and leaders in our community for their annual foresight and proud custodianship of this wonderful legacy of caring, sharing and investing in those least advantaged, in so doing helping to make this a better community for all. However, stewardship has become a great deal more. We invite you to join us in 2016 and help build a stronger community which will positively impact the lives of everyone who lives in Durham.