ChangeTheWorld: Ontario Youth Volunteer Challenge

ChangeTheWorld 2017Be part of something BIG! Join high school students from all across Ontario who want to earn volunteer hours by making a difference in their community!

The 2017 ChangeTheWorld: Ontario Youth Volunteer Challenge will take place between April 23 and June 3, 2017.

What is ChangeTheWorld?  The ChangeTheWorld campaign is a call to action for youth aged 14 to 18 to volunteer in their communities, and connect with the many community agencies that need your help! The campaign enables youth to be part of something big that not only helps them on a personal level, but it also helps their communities and Ontario get better.

Why ChangeTheWorld? There are so many awesome community agencies that need help every day. As youth, we have so much to gain from helping them out!

Who can participate? Anyone! However, if you are not between 14 to 18 years, your hours won’t be counted towards the grand total, but you WILL get all of the same perks that volunteering has to offer everyone else!

How can you participate? If you already volunteer in the community, track your volunteer hours April 23 – June 3 and fill in our survey (to come).  If you want to participate but do not know where you can volunteer, Volunteer Durham can help you find volunteer opportunities with an agency in the community.  Visit:  Let us know when and where your volunteer experience is happening so we can take pictures and post it on the ChangeTheWorld FacebookTwitter or Instagram pages.

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Contact Us:

MacLeod Roy | Change The World Coordinator
United Way Durham Region
905-436-7377 |