Duck Derby

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to all that participated in our 2017 Campaign Kick-off

raising over

$ 5,000.00

We are grateful to everyone for their support of the event, and acknowledge the special contributions of the following who were instrumental in ensuring that our inaugural event was a great success.


City Of Oshawa                                                                                                 Frankie’s Veal Sangwiches & More

                Ministry of Finance                                                                                        Halenda’s Meats

                Boys & Girls Club                                                                                             BMO

                Region of Durham                                                                                           Bruckman Martial Arts

                Region of Durham Oshawa Social Services                                           John Howard Society

                Diana Mandzuk RE/Max Real Estate                                                        CRA

                Oshawa Library                                                                                                 Abbott Drafting & Design

                Ministry of Child & Youth Services                                                          TRIOS College

                Positive Perks                                                                                                   Cowan Buick


For more information or to volunteer for our 2018 Derby Committee contact Sherry MacLeod at

September 21, 2017 Duck Derby Winners!
1st     #194
2nd   #912
3rd    #128
4th    #637
5th    #240