Funding Priorities

Helping the Disabledhelping the disabled

Increased Provision of Service for the Disadvantaged

Your donation will help to provide better access, life skills, or mobility training for physically disadvantaged individuals.

Programs are designed to develop self reliance and independent skills for those members of our community who face physical or mental disadvantages.

Giving Kids a Chanceadult chatting with teen

Development of Social Engagement and Responsibility

Your donation helps us fund programs which develop tolerance, respect and a sense of social obligation. We fund programs which develop early life skills, and which promote self respect and self confidence in children.


Compassionate Carecompassionate care

Your donation will provide care and relief of a physical or mental condition or help to fight social isolation. Additionally, in this area we help to provide assistance with life skills and daily living tasks for those in need.


health supportsHealth Supports for Better Health

Your donation helps to provide assistance in the areas of both physical and mental well being of the individual. Our priority includes both preventative and direct care components. Issues like nutrition or safety, or perhaps illness prevention or health maintenance are the focus.


trainingImproved Access to Training

Your donation helps to provide vocational, job preparation, daily living and other life skills training. Additionally, our priority includes resource programs to assist parents, families or individuals.

Basic NeedsImproved Provision of Basic Needs

Your donation helps to provide the most essential and elemental needs of an individual. Principally, but not exclusively, you will help to provide food, shelter and clothing to those not able to provide or supply for themselves.