The great strength of the United Way in our community is the great breadth, diversity and commitment of our volunteer base.  If you are interested in volunteering at an upcoming event please email jhanson@unitedwaydr.com.

There can be no doubt that without our more than 900 volunteer campaign workers we would not be able to generate the contributions which allow us to support the great work of our agencies. We depend upon our allocations and review team to ensure that donor dollars are invested in the best fashion possible within our community, it is this group which provides the assurances that we will work to eliminate overlap and duplication in services, and to oversee our outcomes review process.

Our volunteers become a great deal more however, they become advocates for our cause. With their time, commitment enthusiasm and dollars they provide tangible affirmation of the validity of our mission. Supporting those less fortunate, helping to provide a hand to those who need a lift up is the cornerstone of what defines a community. By embracing this mandate, our volunteers encourage others to do more, and pay tribute to the valuable legacy of service in this community of which we are merely the custodians.

If you are interested in finding more opportunities to volunteer in the Durham Region visit our Volunteer Durham database and Volunteer today!

For campaign resources and information please visit our Publications and Campaign Toolkit page.