Our History

The roots for this United Way were planted in this community in the early 1940’s. During World War II there was a great need to provide help for the families of soldiers who were overseas, and for those returning soldiers who required assistance. A number of the leading members of the local and business community got together and decided that it would be far more efficient and effective if there were a single unified and highly co-ordinated campaign for the various diverse needs than to have a number of competing and confusing campaigns being run at the same time.

Thus, the community itself decided that an organization which was to become the United Way would be the best way to serve the growing and diverse social needs in the community. This original thought is more relevant and important today than perhaps at any time in our history.

As governments at all three levels struggle to balance their budgets and, as needs change and continue to evolve, the most efficient way to help those most at need at the community level is through the United Way community development and investment model.

Volunteer and community leaders are best able to identify the areas of greatest need, and to assist in the development of financial resources, and eventually to help in the distribution of the resources to those agencies who are best and most efficiently able to address a specific need in the community.

Our volunteer base which exceeds 1,000 people at any given time is a continuation of this great community building tradition, and we are the protectors of this great legacy of caring and sharing which makes this commuity a better place for us all.