Serving all of Durham Region

The final steps in the process to create the United Way of Durham Region have now been completed. For more than 40 years there were two United Ways serving in Durham. (The United Way of Oshawa/Whitby was created 70 years ago. It later added the communities of Clarington and the townships of Brock & Scugog) About 40 years ago the Ajax/Pickering United Way was formed, and Uxbridge was added a number of years ago. The Boards of both United Ways, working with the enthusiastic support of the United Way of Canada voted to take the necessary steps to form a single United Way.

All of the broad community in Durham Region will benefit. There will be natural economies and efficiencies and scale which will optimize efficiencies for our donors and agencies alike. Processes will be streamlined and the possibility for agency service support and cooperation across the Region will be greatly enhanced.

There can be no doubt that one lesson which has become painfully evident from the difficult economic times that we have all been in the process of working through in the past 3 or 4 years is that in tough times communities which help those least advantaged will be better positioned in the years ahead. The work of the United Way: Helping those least advantaged in a cost efficient and effectivie and cohesive and coherent fashion is more critically important today than perhaps at any time since the Great Depression.

A single United Way in Durham Region is best positioned to serve the community and we are grateful to all of those who have helped to make this eventuality possible. We look forward to the challenges ahead, and are grateful to all who have served in this community over the past 70 years.