Labour Community Services

Involving and investing in the community in partnership with others has been fundamental to the work of the United Way, in carrying out its role as a leader in the voluntary sector for  many years. The role of the United Way might well be described as community builder through the involvement of people; the raising and investment of dollars in people and the building of partnerships.

One of United Way’s greatest strengths is its ability to bring to the table partners from the private and public sectors, labour, management professionals as well as non-profit and human care agencies.

The partnership with the labour movement is an agreement to work cooperatively toward shared and/or compatible objectives and in which many include:

  • Shared authority and responsibility
  • Joint investment of resources
  • Mutual benefits

Fundamental characteristics of partnerships based on common interests and goals:

  • Generates benefits for all
  • Based on collaboration
  • Based on system of interpersonal and informal relationships of trust, cooperation and commitment.
  • Shared value

Do you have an “Employee Assistance Program (EAP) in your work place?

Are the workers involved in how the program works?

What is a Union Referral Counsellor?

The goal of the Union Counselling Referral Program is to train one or more Union Referral Counsellor(s) for every local union in Canada. Our referral counsellors will have these major functions:

  • To Act as information and referral agents to help their fellow workers in resolving such areas of concerns which do not normally fall within the scope of the collective agreement.
  • To Provide assistance and support to union members through active listening referral to community services and follow-up.
  • To Develop awareness amongst our members of the impact of the organization or conditions of work in causing the kind of stress that can lead to problems in people’s  personal lives and in the work place and to assist the union in finding ways to eliminate work place causes of stress.
  • To Form a labour base of trained representatives who will be active participants in social services issues and represent labour in the United Way and in their funded social service agencies that serve the community.
  • To Provide input to the labour movement, through their union and through the Labour Council, in the development of labour policy in the social service field.

Through these functions our Union Referral Counsellors increase the effectiveness of the social service delivery system in the community and provide direct feedback to the union and the United Way concerning the effectiveness of community services. The result would be community services based on need with increased accessibility for everyone.

The Union Referral Counsellor will learn about the social services agencies in the community. They will also learn how to recognize a problem, how and when to approach the individual tactfully, when and how to refer and how to seek the right answers.