Our Promise

Our promise to the community is a straightforward one. It is simply, “if you wish to help those less fortunate in this community, and in so doing help make this a better place in which to work, raise a family, live or play, then there is no better way to do it than with the United Way.”

While our promise is straight forward, the execution of our commitment is rather more complex. We rely on more than 1,000 volunteers and many tens of thousands of donors to help raise funds for the agencies in the community that provide a critical service. This way the agencies can use their resources towards more programming than on fundraising.

There is a great diversity of need which is addressed, and there are constant changes in the community needs spectrum. It is our obligation to ensure that we are in touch with the changing nature of the need and the abilities of our agencies to maximize the benefit to the community for each dollar invested.

The idea embodied in the sentiment “every cent well spent” is one which is in the forefront of our planning, and is a spirit which infuses everything we do.

Privacy Policy and Donor Bill of Rights:

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