Operation BackPack

Young girl with backpack wearing a mask

In the fight against poverty, and to mitigate its impacts, early childhood education preparedness is critical.

The “back to school” feeling that, for so many, can be invigorating and a time of excitement and expectation can for others be a daunting time. School supplies and backpacks come with a cost which for some must be weighed against food or accommodation or other expenses.

The underlying objective of Operation BackPack in Durham is to help relieve this pressure. Not only as it helps to provide critical materials for a child, but also in that it helps (in a small way) to lift some of the burdensome pressures of poverty from a family.

The United Way in Durham is uniquely positioned to work with our agency and community partners to ensure that relief actually reaches those children and families in greatest need, but also that the distribution channel(s) are rationalized so as to prevent overlap and duplication.  As a consequence, optimum donor value is achieved.

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Operation BackPack Photo - Photo Credit Sabrina Byrnes - Metroland