There can be no doubt that Covid-19 has impacted all of us. Equally so, the evolving nature of the crisis and it’s trajectory can not possibly be predicted with certainty. What we do know with some degree of certainty is that when we pull together as a community we will have our best chance at minimizing adverse impact. Our priority is helping those least advantaged. The purpose of the United Way of Durham Region Covid-19 Emergency Relief Fund is to provide a capacity for a United approach which takes full advantage of scale, efficiency and collaboration. Working with our Agency and program and community partners we will direct scarce resources to areas of priority need. Efficiently, effectively and immediately.

More than 80 years ago in the middle of another global crisis (defeating fascism) the Civic leaders of the day had the foresight to recognize that acting in a unified and coordinated effort the community would be best served. Their foresight is as important today as at any time in our history.
Your help is needed now more than ever. Together we are possibility.

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