“Designate Durham” or “Give Where You Live” – The cornerstone of a better community!

Give Where You LiveThe great strength of the United Way is the great breadth and diversity of the support which we receive which compliments the breadth and diversity of the nature of supports for people which we help to provide at the community level.

Residents of Durham Region, whether they live in Oshawa or Ajax. Uxbridge, Pickering or Clarington, or Whitby or Port Perry may, and are encouraged to support the local Durham United Way initiatives or “Give where you live”. Not simply because they may need one of the services which will be supported, but because someone they know, or work with, a neighbour, a family member, or someone who will never know their name will be helped. If they work outside of the Region, they may “Designate Durham” United Way in their pledge or contribution.   In doing so they will be ensuring that their contribution will help their local food bank or shelters, a program which helps seniors or helps kids get a better start.  (And a great deal more!)

Thank you in advance for helping to make this a better and more prosperous community for all.

“Give Where you Live”. Spread the word.

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