What does local love look like?

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What does local love look like?


Paul, a teen parent, thought his only option was to drop out of school and find a job to support his family. John Howard Society, a United Way Funded agency, helped him to see he had other roads available. Today, Paul works for the agency that helped set him on the right path.

Paul's Story


Darcy & Hayley

Darcy was stuck in a revolving street life community.  With dedication and a helping hand from Cornerstone, a United Way Durham Region funded agency, Darcy has found hope and meaning in his daily life.

Hayley, a Housing First Case Manager with Cornerstone Community Association Durham, worked with Darcy to find stable housing and return to his passion of writing.

Darcy & Hayley's Story


Elsie & Ruth

For almost two decades, Elsie volunteered in her community. Recently, Elsie suffered a fall that found her in need of the very support she had been providing for so many.

As a retired nurse, Ruth has always had a passion for helping those in need. Meals-on-Wheels was a great fit for her as she was able to experience Community Care Durham’s clients face-to-face, and witness the human connection she was looking to have within her retirement days.

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Elsie & Ruth's Story